Trish Khoo delivers test automation solutions that work - fast. She can teach your software development team how to deliver quality solutions without hiring more QA staff.


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Hi, I’m Trish Khoo. I am a globally recognised expert in test automation. I have been working as an independent consultant in Australia since 2016, helping engineering teams to reach the next level in scalable growth. I deliver consulting, workshops, talks and keynotes all over the world.

I’ve worked for Google, Microsoft, and many other companies big and small. The breadth and depth of my experience enables me to quickly identify problems and solutions for any size organization. View my full resume on LinkedIn.

I started Transparo as a unified brand for my consulting and training services. To read my blog or view my talks, go to To view my work as an artist and designer, go to Hogfish Designs. To learn more about my consulting and training services, visit the links below.


“[I have a] better understanding of automation, how it works and when to use it” … “Great course, excellent delivery.” … “Language used not too technical, hands on and fun.”

Foundations of test automation course attendees, WorkCover Queensland

The whole team is extremely happy with this way of working. They get new functionality to their customers quickly and regularly, and always with a high level of quality.

Daniel Bradbury, Chief Product Officer, UpGuard

Loads of fun and very educative. Learned a lot by failing hard. I do recommend attending this workshop when you have the chance.

Jantien van der Meer, Create A Testing Super Team training course attendee

Most interactive workshop I’ve been into. For me changing the mindset to [test manager] and thinking in this way about testers and test teams was a new way to look at it.

Rob van Steenbergen, Create a Testing Super Team training course attendee

Excellent value, based on years of practical experience in the software industry. This hands-on course is challenging and fun, with no student left behind.

Kim Engel, Foundations of Test Automation training course attendee

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