Case Study: YOW! Conferences

About YOW! Conferences

YOW! Conferences, Workshops & Nights are events for software developers to help them stay up-to-date with the latest best practices and to network with their peers. These events are run in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

“Our website developer was unfamiliar with test automation frameworks, and having worked in the testing space myself, I know there are many traps for the unwary when it comes to shopping for automation solutions. What I needed was someone I could trust to quickly set up a set of tests that we could expand on as required. We engaged Trish, who has a sound reputation in the testing community as an automation expert, and we were not disappointed – she delivered well within time and budget.”

Michele Playfair, Executive Director for YOW! Conferences


YOW! had contracted a developer to create a new website for their conferences. They had encountered some issues when updating their website in the past, and they wanted a lightweight automated test suite to quickly check the website’s appearance and behavior before deployments. As the developer had little experience with these tests and an upcoming deadline, YOW! contacted Trish Khoo from Transparo to deliver a test suite that could be used as a foundation to kick-start their automated testing efforts.


Trish Khoo delivered a lightweight automated test suite using the test tool Cypress and the programming language JavaScript. The suite contained 41 automated tests that ran in just under 2 minutes, including a sub-suite that verified website appearance in 3 desktop screen resolutions and 5 mobile screen resolutions. The test suite uploaded results automatically to a website where reports could be reviewed by team members.

Trish also delivered documentation that detailed use and maintenance of the test suite, and held an in-person session to explain the suite to the developer.

The work was completed remotely in just 12 hours over 11 days – well under the time budget allocated for the job.


YOW! Conferences uses the test suite as part of their development process and they are happy with the quick result.