Trish Khoo: Director and Principal Consultant

Trish Khoo is a globally recognised expert in software testing and automation. She has over 20 years of experience in software development and testing, including her work at Google and Microsoft.

Trish brings Silicon Valley know-how to the Australian IT industry through Transparo. She is available to work on-site in Australia and New Zealand, and works remotely worldwide.

Trish can help your company with:

  • Testing and automation problems
    • Slow, unreliable automated test suites
    • Not knowing where to start with testing and automation
    • Training testers and developers in world class testing and automation practices
  • Continuous delivery goals
    • Being able to release to production daily
    • Creating a fast and reliable release process
    • Continuous integration design and setup
  • Process problems
    • How to fit testing into an agile process
    • Managing technical debt
    • Management training

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